I Provide SEO Services for Staten Island, NY Businesses

Looking to boost your online presence for your Staten Island business? My SEO services are tailored specifically for businesses just like yours.

In this digital era, standing out in the search results is key to attracting customers, and having me on your side will get you there. I’ll optimize your online presence to rank higher in local search results, ensuring that your business gets noticed by customers in Staten Island. From optimizing your Google Business Profile to optimizing your website for location-based keywords, I’ll ensure you dominate the local search landscape.

Get ahead of the competition and watch your leads increase with expert local SEO services. Let’s get your business the attention it deserves in the city that never sleeps.

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Get More Leads & Grow Your Business

Partnering with me means tapping into a wealth of expertise in local SEO tailored specifically for New York City businesses, ensuring your brand stands out amidst the fierce competition. With me on your side, you’ll not only attract more leads but also witness tangible growth as your business flourishes in the competitive NYC market.

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Rank On The First Page of Search Results

By meticulously optimizing your web pages, creating citations, and building backlinks, I ensure your website climbs the ranks of search engine results, driving targeted traffic to your business. Additionally, by fine-tuning technical SEO aspects and optimizing your Google Business Profile, I guarantee maximum visibility for your brand, leading to increased online engagement and ultimately, business growth.

About Me

Hello! My name is Brandon Carl, and I’m an SEO professional. I have years of experience in SEO, content marketing, and web development.

For over a decade, I have been honing my skills in building websites with WordPress, which powers 43.2% of the Internet. That’s a lot of websites! I am well-versed in its intricacies and have successfully delivered numerous projects, each tailored to meet the unique needs of my clients.

What truly fuels my passion is the opportunity to create websites and optimize them using SEO best practices, ultimately driving sales and revenue for the businesses I work with. I thrive on the challenge of turning ideas into reality, leveraging technology to solve real-world problems and deliver meaningful results.

-Brandon Carl

Build Your Local Business With SEO

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SEO Case Studies

Traffic graph from Google Analytics for one of my clients, a vein clinic.

SEO for Regional Vein Clinic – 127% Increase in Site Visitors

This SEO campaign was successful, and I attribute that mostly to on-page optimization, technical SEO, and content marketing. There was a small amount of link-building.

Google Analytics screenshot of a website that increased 33% traffic in two years.

Regional Medical Clinic SEO – 40% Increase in Sessions

This was for a website for a medical clinic with several locations. I achieved these results using on-page SEO best practices, technical SEO, and link/citation building.

SEO for Regional Audiology Clinic – 43% Traffic Increase

This audiology network’s SEO saw large increases in targeted traffic after implementing local SEO best practices.

National E-Commerce Retailer – 314% Increase

The website for this high-ticket e-commerce retailer in a competitive space had big organic improvements and increases in sales.

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